Telluride Baseball Festival sign downtown

2019 Telluride Baseball Festival

Another year of umpiring baseball at altitude. We again provided umpires for the Telluride Umpire Festival.

For our second formal year of providing umpires at the Telluride Baseball Festival, we made some outstanding upgrades. 2019 turned out to be another fun year of umpiring baseball with the greatest views you could ask for.

Working the games was great, but this year we made two adjustments.

First, we got an umpire house in Mountain Village complete with hot tub. It was a great place for downtime and evening merriments.

The other adjustment was eating more Brown Dog Pizza! It is THE BEST!

Thanks to all the umpires that helped out: Noah’s Umping not Footballing, Pigeon Ditch Derek, the Texas duo, Kyle the Mountain Man, Gunny, David not the Goliath, Ejectomatic Kennie and the great Michael-Eats-Belts.

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