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The purpose of the organization is to contribute to the educational experience of local baseball by ensuring these games are played fairly and in accordance with the applicable NFHS rules. We will provide quality umpires for the Colorado High School Athletics Association and the Colorado High School Baseball Umpire Association.

2023-2024 Officials’ Fees

Information is taken from the CHSAA website

Game Fees

Varsity (2 or 3 umpires)$85.00
Sub-varsity (2 umpires)$60.00

Mileage for Travel

Most travel for umpires in Area 11 comes with mileage reimbursement at the rate of $.50 per mile for the round trip (zip code to zip code).

Mileage guidelines:

  • Only one driver is paid mileage – the official traveling furthest from the game venue
  • No mileage reimbursement is made when the official’s home town is less than 20 miles to the game venue (one way)
  • Officials riding with the driver receive a $10 rider fee for trips further than 70 miles (one way)
  • Officials are encouraged to carpool – issues with multiple drivers need to be settled between the officials and the assignor prior to the game date

Mileage Table

DestinationMiles (round trip)Driver mileageNotes
Bayfield to Cortez127$63.50
Bayfield to Dolores132$66.00
Bayfield to Dove Creek196$98.00Rider fee = $10
Bayfield to Durango41$20.50
Bayfield to Ignacio20$0.00Less than 20 miles (one way)
Bayfield to Pagosa Springs84$42.00
Cortez to Bayfield127$66.00
Cortez to Dolores28$0.00Less than 20 miles (one way)
Cortez to Dove Creek73$36.50
Cortez to Durango92$46.00
Cortez to Ignacio134$67.00
Cortez to Pagosa Springs206$103.00Rider fee = $10
Durango to Bayfield41$20.50
Durango to Cortez92$46.00
Durango to Dolores96$48.00
Durango to Dove Creek160$80.00Rider fee = $10
Durango to Ignacio50$25.00
Durango to Pagosa Springs122$61.00
Ignacio to Bayfield20$0.00Less than 20 miles (one way)
Ignacio to Cortez134$67.00
Ignacio to Dolores139$69.50
Ignacio to Dove Creek202$101Rider fee = $10
Ignacio to Durango50$25.00
Ignacio to Pagosa Springs100$50.00
Pagosa Springs to Bayfield84$42.00
Pagosa Springs to Cortez206$103.00Rider fee = $10
Pagosa Spring to Dolores212$106.00Rider fee = $10
Pagosa Springs to Dove Creek276$138.00Rider fee = $10
Pagosa Springs to Durango122$61.00
Pagosa Springs to Ignacio100$50.00