Umpire Uniform


When working on the bases, a longer bill (6 or 8-stitch) helps give your face a little more shade from the sun. The 4-stitch cap is good for the plate because it is easier to remove your mask with a shorter bill. Mesh caps are nice for warmer weather.


Ordering CHSBUA Caps

Plain black caps work fine for umpires that are doing a lot of games outside of the high school level. For high school games, a CHSBUA logo embroidered on the cap is preferred (and required for postseason work).

Hats can be ordered directly from:



There are a lot of options for umpire shirts. The state association ones are only required if you plan on doing playoff games at the state level. All options can be worn locally as long as you match your partner.


Poly wool pants are a little warmer. Poly spandex pants are cooler but the lighter material can hang up on the knee of the shin guards. Combo pants are a cost effective way of getting one pair of pants that can serve both the plate and the bases.


Umpire shoes should be black and they serve two distinct purposes. Plate shoes are made to for protection. Base shoes are more about comfort.


Some of the other items for your uniform are going to be based on personal preferences. Here are some of the other clothing items to put in your bag.