Foul down right field line with runners on

2-umpire 0 outs R1 & R2 foul RF line featured image
Mechanics for the 2-umpire system on a foul ball along the right field line with runners on base.


0 outs ~ R1 & R2

  1. From B position, U2 moves to observe the runners’ 1B & 2B in case they tag on a caught fly ball
  2. UIC moves to straddle the 1B fair/foul line
  3. UIC determines if ball is fair or foul – fair = point toward fair territory with left hand; foul = signal & verbalize ‘foul’ then point to foul territory with right hand

Note: In the 2-umpire system, any time U2 is in the B or C position the UIC has the fair/foul call on balls challenging the left field or right field line.

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