First and third double play

2-umpire mechanics 0 outs R1 & R3 double play featured image
Mechanics for the 2-umpire system on a ground ball double play with runners at first and third.


0 outs ~ R1 & R3

  1. UIC steps to first base extended to observe R3’s touch of the plate
  2. UIC observes play at 2B in case U2 needs help with force-play slide rule
  3. UIC observes 1B for pulled foot or tag play on errant throw
  4. U2 turns chest to ball
  5. U2 observes play at 2B with focus on 2Bman’s exchange of the ball and force-play slide rule with R1
  6. After making out call on runner at 2B, U2 pivots body to watch play on batter-runner at 1B

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