Umpire Gear


When you buy gear, the mask is a place you might want to invest a little extra. You will take shots from baseballs, and the possibility of a concussion is a real and serious concern. Full hockey-style masks offer the most protection. Force3 has come up with mask that integrate shock absorbing springs. Of course, there are also many variations that are more affordable. Take care of your brain.

Chest Protector

Besides cost, consider the coverage and mobility that chest protectors offer. Some chest protectors offer extensions down the upper arm or to cover the belly. Others are a little more sleek in design. Even though you are behind the plate, you still need to be able to move around efficiently. Try to balance comfort and safety when choosing your chest protector.

Shin Guards

As you start your umpiring career, shin guards are one spot you could save some money. The protection is great to have, but the lower priced shin guards will serve you well until you are ready to make a bigger investment.


Some other gear you need to have for working games.

Gear Bag

Another optional, but highly recommended, piece of equipment is a gear bag. This keeps gear organized so nothing is left at home. They are also nice when you have actual umpire changing rooms and need to drag your stuff to and from the car.