Courtesy Runner Rule Summary

2019 NFHS Baseball Rules Book
This summary of the courtesy runner rule combines the rule with the case plays in a logical order.

Sent by: George Demetriou 2/27/19

Courtesy Runners

  1. At any time during an at bat, a team at bat may use courtesy runners for the pitcher and/or the catcher. In the event that the offensive team bats around, the pitcher and/or catcher who had a courtesy runner inserted on their behalf may bat in their normal position in the batting order.
  2. A courtesy runner does not have to be entered when the pitcher/catcher first reaches base. A courtesy runner may be entered at any time.
  3. The same individual runner may not be used for both positions (pitcher and catcher) during the game.
  4. Neither the pitcher nor the catcher will be required to leave the game under such circumstances.
  5. A player may not run as a courtesy runner for the pitcher or the catcher and then be used as a substitute for another player in that half inning. If an injury, illness or ejection occurs and no other runners are available, the courtesy runner may be used as a substitute.
  6. A courtesy runner may be replaced by another legal courtesy runner at any time; however, the pitcher or catcher for whom the courtesy runner is running for may not replace a courtesy runner unless an injury, illness or ejection occurs and no other courtesy runners are available.
  7. Once a courtesy runner is used, a team is not obligated to use a courtesy runner or the same courtesy runner for the entire game.
  8. A pinch hitter for a pitcher or catcher is not eligible to have a courtesy runner because they have not yet become the pitcher or catcher. Projected substitutions are not allowed.
  9. An unreported courtesy runner is treated as an unreported substitute.
  10. Players who have participated in the game in any other capacity are ineligible to serve as courtesy runners.
  11. A player who violates the courtesy-runner rule is considered to be an illegal substitute, is declared out and restricted to the bench/dugout.
  12. The umpire-in-chief shall record courtesy runner participation and also announce it to the scorer.
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