2019 Rules Updates

2019 NFHS Baseball Rules Book
The following adjustments to the 2019 NFHS baseball rules were sent by the Colorado high school rules interpreter.

Lodged Ball

from George Demetriou 1/31/19

The NFHS has announced an error on the Case Book. Plays 5.1.1 Q & R should have been deleted, but were overlooked.

Play 2.9.1 D is the new interpretation and brings the NFHS rule in line with NCAA and pro rules.

If anyone has actually observed this play, okease let me know.

2.9.1 Situation D:

B1 hits a two hopper back to the pitcher. F1 gloves the batted ball but cannot get the ball out of his glove. He quickly removes the glove with ball that is securely stuck inside the webbing of the glove and shovels the glove to the first baseman who is in contact with first base. The first baseman catches the glove with the ball in it, just before B1 touches first base. Is B1 out?

RULING: B1 is out because F3 had secure possession of the glove and ball.

Media Area

from George Demetriou 2/1/19

Here is the CO rule for the media area in 2019. This applies to all regular season games as well as playoffs.

Rule 1-2-8

ART.8…A media area may be designated before the game, but is not required.

a. If established the media area should be on the periphery of the playing field beyond first and third base. Such an area shall remain a live-ball area. The ball shall be declared dead if it enters and remains in the media area or if any occupant of the media area intentionally interferes with play.

b. Anyone who intentionally interferes shall be removed from the confines of field and reported to CHSAA via the Ejection Report. Subsequent violators shall be banned from CHSAA events for the remainder of the season.

c. If a media area is not established before the game, media personnel maybe allowed on the field at the discretion of the plate umpire and will be instructed to remain on the periphery of the playing field beyond first and third base.

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