February 9, 2020 GJ Umpire Master Clinic

Grand Junction area umpires are hosting a Master Clinic February 9, 2020. Help improve your skills and cover eligibility for postseason assignments.

If anyone is interested in going to Grand Junction for an umpire Master Clinic is welcome to get in touch. I had the chance to meet and work with some of the GJ umpires this last fall. Good group of guys that are invested in being great at their craft.

In addition to helping you improve as an umpire, attendance at a Master Clinic once every other year covers part of the requirements for postseason eligibility.

The rumor is that the Denver clinic is going to be offered online. I’m planning on going to GJ. Kennie is out of state that weekend so hit me up if you are interested. ~ Doug

Clinic Details

Sunday, February 9

Classroom: 8:00-1:00 Room 111, Dominguez Hall – Colorado Mesa University

Mechanics: 1:00-3:00

  • Good weather = outside at CMU
  • Poor weather = main gym at GJHS


I’m (Doug) planning on going up Saturday evening and then coming home Sunday after the clinic. Derek, new umpire, is going up with me. This last fall I stayed a lot at Quality Inn Grand Junction. Affordable. Rooms were great. Breakfast is decent. My reservation was $86 for two queen beds.

If you are going to attend, let me know so that I can give the GJ association a heads up on how many of us are heading that way.

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